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Finding Journal Issues: Getting Started

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Where are journals shelved? Most of the Library's journals, magazines, and newspapers may be found in five different locations:
  • SRIAL = Current Serials (Level 10)
  • NEWSP = Newspapers (Level 10)
  • MAINC = Main Collection (Levels 9 & 10 North)
  • MFORM = Microforms (Level 11)
  • ELECR = Electronic Resource
Need to find out whether the Library has a particular volume of a journal? Search the catalogue's Journal Title index using the journal title you are looking for. If there is one match, the catalogue will display the record for your journal title. If there is more than one match, select the record that matches the journal title you are looking for. Look for the field labeled "U of L has" which will summarize the volumes held by the Library.
What do the various numbers and dates mean in the "U of L has" field? Some examples:
  • U of L has PAPER: v. 1-10, 1970-1980; v. 12, 1982+ means the Library has the volumes for 1 to 10, is missing volume 11, and has all volumes from volume 12 on.
  • U of L has PAPER: 1983-1994; means the Library has the volumes for 1983 to 1994 only (the publication ceased after 1994 or the Library cancelled its subscription after 1994)
  • U of L has PAPER: PAPER PARTS RETAINED UNTIL MICROFILM ARRIVES means that newspaper issues are discarded after their replacements arrive on microfilm.
  • U of L has MFICHE: 1940-1960; (Woodworth) means that issues for 1940-1960 have been converted to microfiche and are shelved in the Woodworth section of the Microform Collection on Level 11.
  • U of L has INTERNET: v. 118, 1996+ means that the Library has an online subscription to the journal, with access beginning with volume 118, 1996.
Still not finding what you're looking for? Additional help is available. Find out more at: Ask Us .