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University of Lethbridge Library Locations

UofL Ask At A Service Desk
UofL Current Serials Collection (Level 10 South)
UofL Curriculum Laboratory (Level 11 South)
UofL Donor Display (Level 10 South)
UofL Electronic Resource (Available Online)
UofL Popular Reading (Level 10 East)
UofL Government Documents Collection (Level 10 South)
UofL Main Collection (Call Numbers A to QH 499: Level 9)
UofL Main Collection (Call Numbers QH 500 to Z: Level 10 North)
UofL Map Collection (Level 10 South)
UofL Media Collections (Level 10 South)
UofL Media Oversize (Level 10 South)
UofL Microform Collection (Level 11 East)
UofL Newspaper Collection (Level 10 South)
UofL Overflow Collection (Level 9 North)
UofL Oversize Collection (Level 9 West)
UofL Remote Penny Storage ( Request an item in Remote Penny Storage)
UofL Reference Collection (Level 10 East)
UofL Remote Storage ( Request an item in Remote Storage)
UofL Reserve Collection, General Services Desk (Level 10)
UofL Special Collection (L1172A - Level 11)